The Will to Win with Willie Jolley

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The Will to Win with Willie Jolley

  • DVD
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Winners think differently than losers. They possess certain qualities that separate them from the masses, including a strong positive mental attitude, commitment, knowledge, and a hunger for greatness. They also understand that failure is part of the success process, and the ability to embrace it, and grow from it, is a sign of greatness.

Using real life stories from his own life, and those of others, Willie Jolley shares basic success principles that can make the difference between mediocrity and greatness. He explores a variety of areas including persistence, teamwork, customer service, overcoming obstacles, building your desire, and more.

Willie Jolley has inspired millions with his motivation & his music! He is truly a renaissance man, who is an award winning speaker, singer, best selling author, media personality and national columnist!  In 1999 Willie Jolley was named “One of the Outstanding Five Speakers in the World” by Toastmasters International, and later that same year they named him “Motivational Speaker of the Year!" He also holds the two top designations bestowed by the National Speakers Association, including induction into the Speaker Hall of Fame. Willie Jolley is the author of two international best selling books that have been translated into eight languages. His impressive client list includes GM, Wal-Mart, Marriott, Nabisco, Ford, Dell, & Coca-Cola.

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Length: 50:00 Minutes
Key points

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  • How attitude affects every area of your life
  • The power of persistence and why you must have it
  • How to think and act like a team
  • Customer service and why it will make or break you
  • Overcoming obstacles and how to stay resilient