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There is Only Us with John Noltner

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There is Only Us with John Noltner

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Our world is full of challenges. When we face them head on through communication and finding commonality, there is hope that something better is possible.  

There Is Only Us with John Noltner is a powerful way to address how we get along. Featuring memorable stories, powerful images, and sincere storytelling, this video will open the door to honest dialog about empathy, civility, and inclusion.

There Is Only Us was created to generate conversation. It is a thought-provoking and inspirational film reminding us that we are more alike than different. Featuring timely stories, John's authentic style highlights the importance of being more inclusive. This team-focused program offers a safe place and process to have challenging, but necessary, conversations on ways to create a more empathetic culture.



“This video is AMAZING!!! I can't think of a single person who doesn't NEED to see this video. Students, faculty, small groups, and large corporations could all benefit from this with regards to diversity and leadership training. It is specific enough so that we can all relate to it, but general enough that everyone can learn from it!” Shelley S. Brown, Faculty Head, Service and Leadership Village Tennessee Tech University

"There is Only Us is the program my company needs to start the conversations about inclusion and understanding in the workplace and society as a whole."
Ken Ericson, Senior Manager of Organizational Development, Philips

“A well-crafted piece, There Is Only Us brings a thoughtful, deeper approach to making meaningful connections, whether in the workplace, at school, or in the community.”  Karen Lundquist CEO, EmBe


Length: 20:00
Key points

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  • Accept that we are all shades of gray and judgment keeps us from connecting with one another.
  • See through another person's lens...  leading to a better understanding of who we can be together.
  • Sit with uncomfortable realities to get past our own fears to a place where we can all grow together.
  • And stay at the table to find real solutions... especially when it's difficult -- making us stronger, more capable and ultimately more connected.
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