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The 10 Most Unusual and Surprising Success Stories

Many people dream of becoming rich. Many people dream of accumulating great wealth. This includes entrepreneurs who invest in technology and small businesses that grow their customers. These 10 successful people have made it big around the globe.

1. Picking Big Stocks: Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is a well-known entrepreneur and his record in the stock markets is legendary. His stock-picking skills are a major reason for Buffett’s $ 84 billion net worth and ranking as the fourth-richest person in the world.

In the late 1950s, The Oracle of Omaha started investing professionally. His simple lifestyle shows that he has never been able to achieve great success over the years. He still lives in the house he purchased in 1958 for $ 31500.

2. Palmer Luckey: Building something new

Palmer Luckey is an American legend that most people have not heard of. Luckey, inventor of Oculus Rift was only motivated by a dream to create virtual reality devices. After months of hard work in his garage, Luckey uploaded his idea to Kickstarter. In just a few hours, he raised $250,000 for the creation of prototype virtual reality glasses.

Luckey raised $ 2.4million in a month to finance his invention. Oculus VR was acquired by Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) two years later when Luckey was 21 years old. It cost $ 2.3 billion. Forbes today estimates Luckey’s net worth to be $ 730 million.

3. Leaving college: Mark Zuckerberg

Many people go to college. Many people go to college. However, few go to Harvard and very few leave Harvard to start their own business. Zuckerberg has done all three. Today, the Facebook founder is No. 4 on Forbes’ list of billionaires and his fortune is valued at $ 100 million. Forbes lists Zuckerberg as No. 4 on its list of billionaires around the globe. In the case of this businessman at least, he did not go to college.

4. Sara Blakely: Selling something

Sara Blakely, a former Disney World receptionist and door to door fax salesperson is one of the most famous stories in business. Blakely, 29, was tired of working in low-paying jobs and had a dream to help people. He started his own business with $ 5,000 after he quit his job. Blakely’s dream would become Spanx, which Blakely sold originally from his car trunk.

Blakely, who has been the sole owner of the company for 16 years, now owns a fortune worth more than 600 million dollars.

5. Elon Musk: Getting Rich Again and Again

Some people are successful once, while others become rich twice. Elon Musk, however, has been able to create many successful businesses throughout his entire life.

Musk was one of the co-founders PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) and made his first fortune after the company was bought by eBay. Musk didn’t stop at retiring. He went on to found Tesla and SpaceX, and also played a key role in the founding of Solar City (NASDAQ : Scty), which are all multi-billion-dollar companies. Musk’s net worth of $ 91 billion could rise if his new idea for a transportation system, the Hyperloop, is successful. Musk is a billionaire who has been called “legendary”.

6. Bill Gates: Selling an existing product again

Bill Gates, who has a fortune of 118 billion dollars is the third-richest man in the world. Before Gates became the tech legend he is today was a small-minded businessman.

In the early days, Microsoft (NASDAQ : MSFT) was a small company that Gates managed. After convincing IBM (NYSE : IBM) that he had to purchase Microsoft’s operating systems, Gates decided to buy DOS, an operating system created by another company. . He then sold the system to IBM for a large profit.

This deal gave Gates the capital and influence that he needed in order to create Windows. It made him one of the most successful entrepreneurs of all time.

7. Michael Bloomberg: Losing your job

People are often fired from their jobs. They often continue looking for work, but it’s rare that they are able to find a job.

This was not the case for Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg founded his fintech company after being fired early in his career from a Wall Street firm. Bloomberg, who has a net worth of $ 54.9 billion, is the eighth-richest person in America after years of hard work.

8. Igor Sikorsky Inventing Something

In his 20s, Igor Sikorsky was a successful entrepreneur. Sikorsky was just 24 when he developed the first four-engine aircraft. He invented the helicopter later and established the company still named after him.

Sikorsky’s company is still very successful, even though he died in 1972. Lockheed Martin (NYSE : LMT) has just purchased Sikorsky Aircraft for a staggering $ 9 billion. One of the most remarkable inventions is creating a new way to travel.

9. JK Rowling: Writing a book

JK Rowling’s story is almost a legend. Rowling was a single mother who received social assistance and went on to become a best-selling author and one of most wealthy women in the world thanks to Harry Potter’s story.

Rowling’s stories of wizards, witches and adventure have captured the imaginations of hundreds of millions around the globe. Her books have been made into movies, games, and even attractions for theme parks. It is amazing to think that Rowling, who became a billionaire from a story she invented on a train ride, owes much of her success.

10. Mel Fisher: Finding a treasure

It might sound like a child’s dream to find the lost treasure and become rich. Mel Fisher was able to realize her dream.

Fisher, a professional treasure hunter, found a loot worth 450 million dollars on a Spanish ship called Atocha that was sunk off Key West’s coast. Fisher spent years fighting for his right to the loot. But after the trials, Fisher and his crew, as well as the investors backing him, became wealthy when the Court recognized their rights to all of it. The loot.

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