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Smart Leadership: Tackling Poor Performance™ eLearning Classic Course

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Smart Leadership: Tackling Poor Performance™ eLearning Classic Course

Price: $1,000.00


As a leader, you’ve definitely dealt with someone who has a bad attitude! Attitudes can cause some of the most challenging situations in just about any relationship. Just being around someone who complains, whines or simply doesn’t say anything can cause you to feel frustrated, angry, or even helpless. The good news is there is a process for tackling this poor performance!

The course will walk you through various scenarios, which demonstrate negativity issues and how to deal with them to improve your team results.

Whether you have 100 or 10,000 employees, we have a solution for you. Pricing is based on the total number of learners - defined as a single manager or employee having access to a course for the chosen license period (1-3 years). There are volume discounts as well as multi-year discounts available. Please contact Trainer's Toolchest for a quote. Pricing starts at $10/learner.

For a free preview of the elearning course, please contact Trainer's Toolchest at 877-288-6657.

Length: 35:00
Key points

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  • Leading and Managing for Peak Performance
  • Creating a Collaborative Environment
  • Developing Critical Work Skills
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Linear navigation, pre- and post-assessment, full video, interactions, audible narration. Seat time: 35 minutes.