Mentoring 101™ The Basics

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Mentoring 101™ The Basics

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Our lives are filled with changes—new opportunities. And when those come along, it helps to have someone who knows the ropes who can help you—a mentor.

Based on the findings and best practices of highly successful mentoring programs established in the high tech and aeronautical fields, this powerful introduction to the concept of mentoring offers a unique look at the role of 'mentor' in the workplace.

About Mentoring 101™ - The Basics:

When you’re a mentor, you’re really like a coach… someone who can speak from experience… a resource that can give insight, even tips - that will help someone else be successful at what they’re doing. Some organizations have official mentors while others have an informal approach to mentoring.

No matter how it happens, as a mentor, you’re filling a vital role to the on-going success of your organization.

This program is great for:

  • Supporting a new mentoring program
  • Reinforcing existing mentoring programs
  • Introducing key mentoring concepts
  • ‘Selling’ the mentoring concept to organizational leaders and managers

Note: This program includes a Discussion Guide for easy facilitation.

Length: 8:32 Minutes
Key points

Additional Information

  • Who benefits from mentoring?
  • What is mentoring?
  • What does a mentor do?
  • Must do’s as a mentor...
Package Includes

Additional Information

DVD or USB Flash Drive and Discussion Guide for easy facilitation. Print materials will be delivered electronically via email/Internet. Note: Programs delivered on USB sticks can not be copied or moved from the USB.