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Legal Social Media at Work

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Legal Social Media at Work

  • DVD
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Every piece of information shared on social media immediately leaves a permanent record that is virtually impossible to erase.  The potential to violate employment laws, improperly release information or to damage your employer's reputation is great.  One post made in anger, ignorance or even by accident could result in a whole range of problems including serious legal issues. 

Welcome to the world of social media.  From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn... it's everywhere.  We literally can't escape it. In our personal lives it allows us to communicate freely with family and friends at any moment.   At work, social media allows us to provide better service, enhance our brand image, market our products and communicate conveniently with our customers.

However, this powerful technology does not come without risk.  Increasingly, the line between our work and personal lives has become blurred.  Social media networks have become a mix of family, friends, co-workers, colleagues and even customers.  Therefore, when information is shared on social media, a wide audience from every corner of a person's life, has immediate access to that information. 







Length: 11:00 Minutes
Key points

Additional Information

  • Social media posts are permanent
  • Social media is not private
  • Harassment and bullying
  • Confidential information Insider trading
  • Trade secrets
  • Overuse at work
  • Copyrighted materials
  • Defamation
  • The consequences of inappropriate posts
Package Includes

Additional Information

10 minute Employee DVD, Manager DVD with 1:30 additional content, Leader' Guide and Employee Quiz