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Just Be FAIR: A Practical Approach to Diversity in the Workplace

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Just Be FAIR: A Practical Approach to Diversity in the Workplace

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It's one thing to talk about diversity and fairness in the workplace; it's another to grapple with the issues day-to-day, face-to-face. An inclusive workplace depends on employees who have the interpersonal skills to work on past differences and build productive relationships.
Just Be F.A.I.R.™ equips employees at every level to broaden their definition of diversity and build positive, productive relationships. Employees leave with new personal insights and increased cultural competence.
Since 1992, the F.A.I.R. model has been helping to bring about a profound shift in the way hundreds of private and public sector organizations approach EEO, affirmative action and inclusion in the workplace. No longer do their employees view these issues only through the lens of laws and regulations; rather, they see them within the context of fairness, integrity and respect. F.A.I.R. offers practical ways to be fair in day-to-day interactions; compliance comes as a natural result of the workplace culture that emerges.
Combined, Just Be F.A.I.R. and We Need to M.E.E.T. provide a complete curriculum for organizations making the shift from reactive to proactive management of inclusion. These proven, best practice models help support high-performing teams, foster collaboration and drive innovation for a powerful competitive advantage.
Length: 17:39
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  • Helps build a broader understanding of workplace diversity and cultural competency
  • Emphasizes the business value and impact of cultural acceptance
  • Demonstrates how to apply the F.A.I.R. model in real-world situations
  • Explains how diversity is different from EEO and Affirmative Action
  • Describes the importance and impact that diversity has on productivity, teamwork and customer service
  • Describe what it means to be culturally competent and use that awareness to be more effective in the workplace
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2 programs, Just Be FAIR and FAIR in Action, in either DVD, USB Flash Drive or Streaming License formats. 

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