Drug-Free Workplace Employee/Manager Combination Package (2 Courses)

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Drug-Free Workplace Employee/Manager Combination Package (2 Courses)

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These two videos help you meet mandated training requirements and provide guidance for your managers and supervisors.

Even if drug-free training is not legally mandated in your business or industry, everyone benefits from raising employee awareness on the impact that drugs or alcohol can have on your workplace. Performance and safety sink fast when employees abuse alcohol or drugs. Others may feel they have to take up the slack when their coworkers attempt to work under the influence—falling short of expectations and increasing the risk of accident or injury.

The Employee Version features believable scenes in construction, manufacturing, hospitality, food service, and business. It raises your employees’ awareness of this widespread problem, shows the harm that can be done to themselves and others, and encourages them to get help if they or a coworker is affected by drug or alcohol abuse.

How to Spot Drugs in the Workplace
When employees don’t seem right, it's often hard to pinpoint exactly what their problem is. But here are some symptoms that might indicate drug or alcohol abuse: bloodshot eyes, enlarged or reduced pupils. Impaired speech or coordination. Changes in behavior or mood. Difficulty concentrating, learning or remembering. And inappropriate behavior such as apathy or disorientation, agitation or irritability. If these signs accompany reduced performance on the job, it’s time to have a conversation about expectations, consequences, and resources that may be available to help. Recovery is possible—it takes courage, persistence, and hard work, but it’s worth it!

Featuring bonus scenes not included in the Employee Version, the Manager Version shows all individuals with supervisory responsibilities what to look for and what to do if they become aware of substance abuse among their direct reports. It also cautions them to be aware of legal requirements, such as ADA and FMLA, that might affect scheduling and performance management once they are on notice of a problem.

Combination Package includes The Drug-Free Workplace: Setting the Standard and Managing the Drug-Free Workplace.  Closed-Captioned [CC]

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Length: 37:00 Minutes
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