Safety Training

Let Trainer's Toolchest help you create a safer, healthier and more productive work environment with our wide variety of streaming, e-learning and DVD safety training programs.  Topics include driver safety; earthquake preparedness; ergonomics: back injury, office, healthcare; fire safety; first aid; infection control; hand hygiene; HAZCOM, HAZWOPER; OSHA; accident prevention/safe housekeeping; safety orientation; travel safety and wellness/fitness.
Whether your employees work on a plant floor or in a laboratory, in an office, as a first responder or in the healthcare industry, we have the products that you need to provide them with safety and regulatory compliance training.
The problem of "distracted driving" has been getting a lot of attention recently. The National Safety Council's new edition of Injury Facts documented a continued and unwelcome increase in cell phone-related automobile crashes.

A new Distracted Driving program has been added to the Safety Meeting Kit Series. The course helps to increase employee awareness of distracted driving behavior in themselves and others, explains the sources and dangers of distraction behind the wheel, and provides practical tips for being a safer, more focused driver. Also discusses common behaviors such as eating, grooming, navigating and engaging with passengers while behind the wheel.