Personal Development

Personal Development Training

“We’ve all been told if we work hard, we’ll be successful.  And if we’re successful we’ll be happy. What if the opposite were true and happiness is the secret to success—at work and at home?”  Shawn Achor explores this concept in The Happiness Advantage.  He shows that happy employees perform better in leadership roles AND might be your single most competitive advantage.”

Trainer’s Toolchest provides training videos and resources via classroom DVDs, e-Learning, Group Training via the web and individual streaming that are designed to improve one’s work habits and relationships, energize and engage while increasing professional development goals.  Content experts like Ed Brodow, DeWitt Jones, Joel Barker, Lou Holtz, John Cleese, Shawn Achor and others provide relevant and thought provoking training in an entertaining and compelling format. Organizations can train one or thousands of employees with this proven method.

Try streaming our best selling workshop called Getting to Yes:  Video Workshop on Negotiation or DeWitt’s Jones Everyday Creativity

Topics covered in Trainer’s Toolchest’s large Personal Development collection include:  interpersonal skills, stress management, time and project management, creativity and innovation, negotiation skills, accountability and attitude, finance and accounting, assertiveness, professionalism, goal setting, networking and employee engagement.