Management Skills

Management Training

From managing employees to “managing” your family, this concept works: “Never let great work go unnoticed, when you see it say it; never let poor work go unnoticed either, make it private and positive.”

Trainer’s Toolchest provides training videos and resources via classroom DVDs, e-Learning, Group Training via the web and individual streaming that can give your seasoned supervisors and new managers the resource tools to successfully handle the most common problems they face in today’s workplace. Videos from content experts like Lou Holtz, Bruce Tulgan, Tom Peters, Bob Farrell, James Autry, Cam Marston and others provide relevant and thought provoking training in an entertaining and compelling format. Organizations can train one or thousands of employees with this proven method.

One of our favorite programs, Would I Work for Me?, by the producer of Managing Me, conveys the message on how important it iis that supervisors must recognize and put into practice behaviors that inspire people, rather than alienate them.. Other best sellers like More Than a Gut Feeling, Do Right with Lou Holtz, and the new TAKEAWAY For Managers Series are proven training resources.

Topics covered in Trainer’s Toolchest’s large management training collection include:  Interviewing & Hiring, Employee Retention, Conflict Management, Performance Appraisal, Mentoring, Performance Management, First-Time Supervisor Training, Disaster Preparedness, Risk Management and Sustainability Management.