Leadership Skills

Leadership Training

Some people are “born leaders”, but most individuals need an investment in leadership training.

Trainer’s Toolchest provides training videos and resources via classroom DVDs, e-Learning, Group Training via the web and individual streaming that can help managers and executives with long-term success. Videos from content experts like Joel Barker, Tom Peters, Bruce Tulgan, Ken Blanchard, John Cleese, Dr. Karl Albrecht, Dr. Pat Heim and others provide relevant and thought provoking training in an entertaining and compelling format. Organizations can train one or thousands of employees with this proven method.

Dr. Robert Greenleaf, in his video Servant Leadership, said that a great leader is a “servant” first.  He believed that developing skills for listening, empathy, conceptualization, persuasion, building community and commitment to the growth of people were the “seeds” to a successful leader.

Confronting Workplace Conflict™ is a new micro-learning program packed with conflict resolution tips and tools - especially for managers and leaders. 

In Leading More With Less, 6 critical leadership skills are demonstrated that will inspire employees through difficult periods.  These skills are universal and can be used through good—and bad—times, without spending any scarce resources. 

Topics covered in Trainer’s Toolchest’s large leadership training collection include:  Leadership Skills, Decision Making, Strategic Planning, Empowerment, Servant Leadership and Delegation.