Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills Training

Organizations benefit greatly by having competent facilitators who increase the value of their meetings and training sessions – making any group session, in-person or virtual, more productive.  The role of an effective facilitator isn’t an easy one… facilitators  must have a laser-like focus, generate quality discussion and participation, and manage disruptive behavior.
Trainer’s Toolchest has the right tools for the job.  Check out some of these popular programs for developing and improving facilitation skills:
Fearless Facilitation: How to Lead Effective Training builds the confidence, poise, knowledge and skills demonstrated by facilitators who are exceptionally competent. Participants will learn how to generate quality discussions, make smooth transitions between activities and manage disruptive behaviors.
The best-selling Meetings, Bloody Meetings has a newer 2012 version available.  John Cleese returns in the classic role of the Judge and demonstrates how the rules for running a meeting parallel those of a court.  Many leaders aren't even aware that running meetings is a teachable, learnable skill. But of course, it's not a gift, it's a technique. In fact, a technique with five key elements that apply to both face to face and virtual meetings. These five elements supply the framework of this most popular program ever and one of the most widely used training videos of all time. Learners will come away with the ability to better prepare, structure, manage and control effective meetings.
Team Nightmares: Solutions to Your Top Team Problems Volumes 1 and 2 starts with lessons on clarifying your team's purpose, channeling conflict away from the team goal, keeping communication on an upswing, and drawing participation from the group. You'll learn how to stop the frustration, negativity, and unrelenting complaints that can keep your team from being a productive dream.