High Performance Selling with Don Hutson

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High Performance Selling with Don Hutson

  • DVD
Price: $89.95


Part 1: Building Customer Loyalty 
Part 2: Needs Analysis Selling (plus 2 bonus topics!)

Average sales people are continuously seeking new customers while true sales professionals enjoy steady business from long-term clients. In part one of this power-packed session, you’ll learn how to advance your customers up the “loyalty ladder” to higher levels of repeat business and more referrals than ever. In part two, you’ll gain valuable insights into Needs Analysis Selling. Whether it’s asking high quality questions, taking pertinent notes, or communicating for greater understanding, Don illustrates how we can be even more effective in every phase of the sales process. As a value-added bonus, Don covers two additional topics of interest: The Evolution of Selling and Selling Different People Differently

Don Hutson’s careers in speaking, management and sales have brought him many honors. He successfully worked his way through the University of Memphis, graduating with a degree in Sales. After becoming the #1 salesperson in a national training organization, he established his own training firm and shortly thereafter was in demand as a professional speaker.

Since then Don has addressed over two-thirds of the Fortune 500 Companies and is featured in over 100 training films. He is Chairman & CEO of U.S. Learning and makes some 85 speaking appearances each year. Don was elected by his peers to the presidency of the National Speakers Association, and he has received its “Cavett Award,” as member of the year. He is also been inducted into NSA’s Speakers Hall of Fame.


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Length: 100:00 Minutes
Key points

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  • Advance customer loyalty
  • Sell value, not price
  • Needs analysis questioning ideas
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Stay more motivated than ever
  • ...and much more!
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Full length MP3 audio version, plus note guide, included on DVD.
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