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Harassment for Managers: A New Look

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Harassment for Managers: A New Look

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Figuring out what is and is not harassment can be complicated.  For one thing, many of its forms are subtle. For another, harassment has taken recent forms which do not easily fit traditional methods.

Even though identifying harassment may be difficult, managers are not excused recognizing it and responding accordingly.  In fact, recent harassment lawsuits have showed that managers can be liable, even if they are not personally accused.

Harassment for Managers: A New Look helps managers carry out their legal and ethical obligation to prevent, identify and respond to harassment. Through vivid re-enactments, the program discusses:

  • Quid pro quo, tangible employment action, and hostile environment
  • Bullying including cyber bullying
  • Humor, third-party harassment and age-discrimination
  • The need to train and communicate policies
  • Impact of harassment and warning signs
  • The responsibilities and obligations of the manager 
A vital addition to any training library, Harassment for Managers: A New Look focuses on the recent forms of harassment. As a reliable guide, it outlines managers’ responsibilities to prevent harassment, conduct and document training, and create a respectful work environment. Most importantly, it shows how supervisors can handle harassment scenarios fairly and effectively, from interviewing the complainant, confronting the accused, conducting the investigation,  interviewing witnesses, following up and enforcing decisions. 
Length: 22:00 Minutes
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DVD, e-Leader's Guide, and PowerPoint Presentation on the DVD.

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