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Patterns Interactive eLearning (Sexual Harrassment CA AB1825)

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Patterns Interactive eLearning (Sexual Harrassment CA AB1825)

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Sexual harassment at work is more than a legal issue. It is fundamentally a behavioral problem. Patterns Interactive (Click Here to review the sample eLearning) takes on the behavioral challenge, arming employees and managers with the information they need to prevent sexual harassment and the tools that will help them to respond when incidents occur.

Through a series of short dramatized videos, this series describes common patterns of illegal or inappropriate behavior at work and how best to respond. We explore “the habitual harasser”, “the smitten harasser”, “the bully”, and “the jilted harasser”. We also examine problematic management responses to harassment incidents, including “the ostrich”, “the chameleon”, “the wounded tiger” and “the mother hen”. Lawyers and HR professionals review each situation and present positive alternatives.

PATTERNS Interactive complies with the requirements of California’s AB1825 to provide online harassment prevention training. To meet the 2-hour minimum training time specified by this law, both PATTERNS program courses must be taken.
Patterns Interactive includes free use of a StreamLMS Learning Management System. The program is SCORM compliant and can be run over any network. 
When streaming programs over the Internet via the server, pricing includes use of a Learning Management System (LMS) for Post-training Test (customized tests are also available), Online reporting of test results, Online reporting of training activity (viewing dates, etc.) and "Completion of Training" certificate

When presenting programs over your network via your server programs can be supplied to you in any video or digital format and may be distributed over mass distribution channels providing measures are taken by the licensee to ensure protection of producer's copyright and to avoid illegal duplication or piracy.

Each program includes a Facilitator's Guide and Handouts; most also have Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. You will receive electronic copies of all support materials.
Prices are on a per-person, per-program basis. 

Click Here to review the sample eLearning program.
The entire Patterns series is available in English and Spanish. Program 1: Preventing Sexual Harassment is also available with simplified Chinese subtitles
Length: 160:00 Minutes
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The program includes quizzes, a post-test, certificate of completion of training, and full reporting of all results - available 24/7 at no additional cost.
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