Moving Forward... in the Aftermath of Trauma

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Moving Forward... in the Aftermath of Trauma

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"The healthy road is to see it as an opportunity for growth." - Bob Smalley, Red Cross Volunteer

How do you move forward after a disaster?  What is the healthy response?  The emotional aspects of traumatic events are often ignored—causing low productivity, disillusionment, and resentment within an organization.  It is essential that we are prepared—physically and emotionally—for traumatic situations. 

This program gathers a group of leading experts in the field of trauma, who give practical suggestions for moving forward.  This is invaluable information for those directly (or indirectly) affected by traumatic incidents in the workplace and beyond.  This information is also critical in preparing for future physical or emotional trauma.

Ideal for training:

  • Stress Reduction Programs
  • Workplace Violence
  • Disaster Preparedness Programs
  • All employees, managers, and supervisors
  • Trauma response teams
  • School staff or students
Length: 14:00 Minutes
Key points

Additional Information

  • Understand the normal responses to all types of trauma
  • Take practical steps towards recovery.
  • Support co-workers, employees, friends and family
  • Work together within organizations.
  • Gain strength as individuals and communities.
Package Includes

Additional Information

DVD and comprehensive 16-page Leader's Guide with reproducible worksheets.