Q:  Why am I not able to view the online previews on my computer or smart device?
A:  Suggestions

  • Update to the latest version of Flash Player (  You can test to see which browser you currently use and also update to the latest version.
  • Make sure your “cookies” are turned ON within your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
  • Check your internet connection speed. 
  • Make sure you are not being “blocked” by your organization’s firewall.  You might need to contact your IT Department to gain access or watch from an alternate location outside that firewall.
  • In order for a strong connection and stream of the preview, you may need to close out open programs to free up your RAM resources.
  • If you are still unable to preview, please let us know.  We may be able to send you a DVD preview.


Q:  What delivery formats of your programs are available?
A:  Most of our programs are available in DVD, USB Flash Drives, Streaming, eLearning, Enterprise Licenses and Group/Classroom Licenses.

Streaming/Video on Demand

  • 1 month unlimited streaming of full DVD Quality Video - $495
  • Stream the program directly from our server or embed it in your PowerPoint or LMS


  • eLearning Courses – three 24 hour sessions per user license

Many of our courses are also available in an eLearning Course with the following elements:

  • Self-Assessment (simple but probing questions that help the learner assess their own understanding of the subject matter.)
  • Motivational Video (these high end videos may be paused, resumed at a later date or watched multiple times by the learner.  Many are interactive, enhancing the learning process.)
  • What Have You Learned? (multiple-choice exam demonstrates to you and the employee the learning that has taken place. Video reminder clips are provided with each question and managers may set a minimum passing score if desired.)
  • Support Materials (optional exercises & learning activities)
  • Printable Training Certificate
  • Optional Blended Learning when desired


Note: all of our eLearning courses can be easily customized by you to meet your particular organization’s culture and training criteria.

Group/Classroom Licenses: Single Courses

Many of the programs are available to be streamed 24/7, to any size classroom, or to an individual learner.

  • Stream to a Group/Classroom - 3 hour license (the Group Training option allows you to stream a video to a group of any size via the producer’s Learning Management System - LMS.)
  • Stream to an Individual - 24 hour license per user

Streaming videos also include the following enhancements:

  • Full screen viewing
  • Printable Training Certificates
  • The option to add blended learning materials
  • Chaptering and Learning Points

Enterprise Licenses
The enterprise license gives your organization 1 copy of the DVD and the rights to the following:

  • The PDF file for 1-year unlimited reproduction rights to the support materials
  • HD mp4 file for 1-year unlimited streaming rights
  • SCORM 1.2 files for 1-year unlimited e-Learning rights (files include video & test)


Q:  Can we use your products on our own Learning Management System (LMS) or platform?
A:  We offer the following options when you want to load the digital content on your LMS/platform:

  • Streaming Videos can be loaded directly onto your platform via a digital download. We offer a one year license and pricing is based upon the number of people who will be trained.
  • e-Learning Courses are available in SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 3rd edition to load on your platform.  Additional fees apply to wrap the course in a SCORM package.

Note: Minimum purchase requirements may apply depending on the product(s) you select.  Please call Trainer’s Toolchest at 877-288-6657 for a quote.


Q:  May I duplicate, copy, stream or save your previews or sale copies of programs?
A:  It is illegal to duplicate, copy, save to a PowerPoint, stream, broadcast, or use on a webcast any program without authorization.  Please contact Trainer’s Toolchest if you need additional DVD copies or if you would like to stream the programs to your organization’s intranet, broadcast, download to a PowerPoint, use in a webcast, or in any other format, to obtain license information. 


Q:  Why is it illegal to train with a “preview copy”?
A:  Training Industry programs are sold as a “license to train”.  A “preview copy” is an “unlicensed copy”.  It is against the copyright law, and is strictly enforced.  Most of the previews you see on our site have a “Preview Only” spoiler that will appear.  We offer full-length previews on most of our programs for decision makers only.  Full-length previews are also not allowed to be used in any educational/training setting or for personal use.


Q:  The DVD I purchased will not play on my computer. Why?

  • Some older computers have a CD drive but not a DVD drive.
  • If you are on a PC and running Windows with a Windows Media Player, make sure you have the third-party installed DVD playback software (WinDVD, PowerDVD, etc.).  Usually when you install that third-party softwTC59g@h*9tM'(~JYare, it contains a “MPEG-2 codec”.  A free software, VLC Player, is available at
  • Please make sure the disc is clean and free of scratches and fingerprints.

Q:  What if I am getting a “Region Code Errors” when I try and play the DVD?
A:  Most of our DVDs are coded to play in “all regions”.  Check to see if your playback software has an update.  If you still have an issue, try downloading the VLC Player to bypass this issue. 


Q:  Does the DVD come with a warranty?
A:  Most of the products come with a one-year warranty for normal use and service.  Defects in manufacturing are covered, but not damage due to misuse or accidents.


Q:  If I lost my purchased copy, can I get a replacement?
A:  Most of the products have a generous replacement discount.  Please call Trainer’s Toolchest if you lose a copy.


Q:  Can I alter or make copies of the support materials?
A:  Unless the materials are labeled “reproducible”, then they are not allowed to be reproduced or altered without a license or permission.  Many products are accompanied by supplemental materials such as leader’s guides, workbooks and reminder cards.  Additional support materials and their prices are indicated on the product pages.

Q:  I am having problems accessing the support materials on the DVD (Leader’s Guide, PowerPoint Presentation, Workbook, etc.)
A:  The DVD must be in a COMPUTER and NOT in a stand-alone DVD player.  Once in a computer, navigate to the DVD drive on your computer.  This might be under “My Computer” or above your “Home Folder”.  The title of the DVD will be labeled.  Open the drive with the title by double clicking it.  (If your DVD starts playing, minimize it, and go back to the files on the DVD drive.  You should see the Leader’s Guide file and any other files in a PDF document.  Double click that file.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download it for free at:  Adobe – Download Adobe Reader.  If Acrobat is installed, double click on the PDF and it will start the program.  Or you can start Acrobat first, then go to “file”, open and navigate to the DVD drive on your computer.  Once there you will see the PDF document:  choose it and click OPEN.  To access the PowerPoint file on the DVD, you do not have to have PowerPoint installed.  Free “office” type applications to open PowerPoint files are available through Libre Office, Apache Open Office and Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer.  If you have a Gmail account, you have access to Google’s Drive which allows you to open PowerPoint slides.


Q:  How will my items be shipped?
A:  Our standard shipping is UPS Ground.  Sale copies over $295 are shipped UPS Ground FREE of charge.  Orders placed by 10 a.m. (CST) Monday through Friday, usually ship out that same day.  Shipping times take between 3 to 10 business days.  Ground shipping is available in the continental United States only.  If you need it fast, we also ship UPS 3-Day, 2-Day and Overnight.  If you need a different shipping method, such as Overnight Early AM (where available), FedEx (2-Day or Overnight), or USPS, please call Trainer’s Toolchest at 877-288-6657 to make those arrangements.  We can usually accommodate clients by using their UPS or FedEx number upon request.


Q:  Are there Quantity and Industry Discounts available?
A:  Almost all of Trainer’s Toolchest products have Quantity and Industry Discounts.  Our product page computes the quantity or industry discounts automatically in the shopping cart section of our site.  The best discount will be displayed.  Usually products under $200 do not have additional discounts because the price is already specially priced.  Please contact Trainer’s Toolchest at 877-288-6657 to get price quotes.  We price match and make sure we strive to give the best price possible.


Q:  What form of payment do you accept?
A:  We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express, checks and direct payments.  Invoicing, purchase orders and payment terms are subject to approval. At this time, Trainer’s Toolchest will contact you by phone to obtain your credit card information after an order has been placed on our website.  Please provide us with a direct number or extension so we can call you to process your order. 


Q:  If I am an international client, can I purchase your programs?
A:  We do have international rights on most of our programs, but not all.  Please send an e-mail to if you have a question about purchasing our programs internationally.

Q: What video formats are available for international purchase?
A:  Most of the programs are mastered in NTSC DVD Region O (All Region) format, playable in almost all NTSC and PAL DVD players, and in almost all computer DVD drives.  Playback issues are usually related to the computer’s software used and not the format.


Q:  What languages are your programs available?
A:  All of our programs are available in English.  Additional language versions may be available and indicated on the product pages – with Spanish making up the largest group of translated programs.