WorkSmarts: How to Get Along, Get Noticed and Get Ahead

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WorkSmarts: How to Get Along, Get Noticed and Get Ahead

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This program shows employees and supervisors what it really takes to fit in and succeed in an organization. It gives them the "inside scoop" in a clear and friendly manner - covering the unspoken truths we all wish we had known from day one.

As successful employees have learned -- sometimes the hard way - career success often depends on "where your head's at and how you act," rather than what you know. It's our attitude, our approach, and our interactions with others that can matter most and set us apart as extraordinary employees.

Using a comfortable "between you and me" approach, this video encourages employees to adopt four straightforward strategies (see Key Points) and promotes the idea that if they really give their best effort daily -- rather than worrying about how to get ahead -- they will see results right away. Others will take notice of their professionalism, their personal behavior, and their continual efforts to make a positive impact on the organization.
Length: 18:00 Minutes
Key points

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  • Be Positive and Proactive
  • Be Accountable and Flexible
  • Be Cooperative and Respectful
  • Communicate and Listen
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