The Complete Blue Eyed with Jane Elliott

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The Complete Blue Eyed with Jane Elliott

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Jane Elliott believes that white people won't act against racism until they have experienced it emotionally themselves, if only for a few hours in a controlled environment.

The "blue eyed/brown eyed" exercise was originally developed by Jane Elliott for her all white third grade class in Riceville, Iowa at the time of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination to give them some idea of racial prejudice. She divided her class on the basis of eye color and subjected the blue-eyed members to a regime of intense discrimination. They soon cracked under the pressure, losing self-esteem and competence.

The same exercise with the same devastating results has since been replicated hundreds of times in industry, higher education and public employment not just in this country but around the world.

The "blue eyed/brown eyed" technique can be used to illustrate:

  • How even casual bias can have a devastating impact on personal performance, organizational teamwork and productivity.
  • How "color blindness" can itself be a form of racism.
  • How to identify culturally-biased codes of conduct within an organization that may be invisible to the majority.
  • How all participants can take responsibility for building a welcoming and inclusive organizational culture.

Turn high impact awareness into action with the: Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes Facilitation Package and Participant Materials.

Note: Online Preview clip is from Blue Eyed. The Complete Blue Eyed DVD includes full versions of these three programs: Blue Eyed, Essential Blue Eyed and the 30 Minute Blue Eyed

Length: 210:00 Minutes
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Blue Eyed, The Essential Blue Eyed and The Thirty-Minute Blue Eyed and Leader's Guide on DVD

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