Team Building

Team Building Training

Building a high performing team is the basis of a successful organization.  As the old saying goes “There is no ‘I’ in TEAM".  So what is the secret to taking those “I’s” in individuals and making them into a winning team?  Lou Holtz illustrates this in his video Do Right!  He shows what it takes to instill the spirit of teamwork, commitment to excellence, loyalty to the organization and personal dedication to success. 

Trainer’s Toolchest provides simulations, team assessments, training videos and resources via classroom DVDs, e-Learning, Group Training via the web and individual streaming that can help build high performing teams.  Organizations can train one or thousands of employees with these proven methods.

Best selling programs like The Grand Canyon Adventures, GroupThink, Teamwork:  What’s Trust Got to Do With It, The Power of Teamwork Inspired By the Blue Angels, and Twelve Angry Men:  Teams That Don’t Quit are used worldwide in organizational training programs.

Topics covered in Trainer’s Toolchest’s large Team Building training collection include:  Problem Solving, Conflict Resolution, Team Unity, Building Virtual Teams, Cross-Functional Teams, Decision Making and Respecting Differences.