Stress: You're in Control

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Stress: You're in Control

  • DVD
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We can’t necessarily eliminate the stress in our lives, but we can learn how to better manage it! In moderation, stress can actually be a source of motivation. Yet, excessive stress can affect how we approach our jobs, how we accomplish our jobs and how we interact with coworkers.

Common causes of stress that we are all familiar with include time pressures, unrealistic expectations, and lack of goals. Even how we think can affect our stress level. The updated video training program Stress: You’re in Control II teaches viewers to take responsibility for and recognize the five warning signs of too much stress: inefficiency, job dissatisfaction, fatigue, sleep disturbances and escape activity. Viewers also learn techniques to control stress and make it positive before additional problems surface.

Video Synopsis
Stress: You’re in Control II presents several workplace scenarios that viewers probably encounter on a daily basis. From heavy workloads to frequent phone calls to drop-in visitors, all of these interruptions cause additional stress and, in turn, affect our daily productivity.

Additionally, viewers will watch and learn effective solutions for dealing with these stress factors such as improve self-talks, reexamine expectations, go with the flow, exercise and eat right.

Length: 20:00 Minutes
Key points

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  • How to complete a stress inventory and analysis.
  • How to take what action you can now.
  • How to control the way you think.
  • How to change the way you operate.
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