Lifeline Series

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Lifeline Series

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What great ways to start a meeting! The LifeLine Series is a fun and positive approach to the workplace, addressing important issues of attitude, conflict and stress. This three-pack is a one-two-three punch at some of the most pervasive problems in the workplace today. 

3-part series consists of:

  • Activating Attitude! (4 Minutes) sets the tone and stage for employees and managers alike to approach the workday and any issues that may arise with a positive attitude and a smile. Health, productivity and happiness are all affected by one’s attitude at work, and this vibrant new meeting opener addresses all these issues. Using bright and energetic animations, exciting music and thought-provoking messages, Activating Attitude! is sure to get you and your audience off to a great start, no matter what the meeting is about! 

  • Unlocking Conflict! (3 Minutes) Need the keys to conflict around your office? Well, here they are! Unlocking Conflict! offers fast-paced, entertaining tools to handle conflict, from positive reinforcement of tried-and-true methods to new ideas for helping solve conflict issues in the workplace. Anyway you look at it, Unlocking Conflict! is your master key to workplace harmony! 

  • Stress Tacklers! (4 Minutes) Time to tackle stress around your workplace? Then look no further! In this fast-paced and entertaining meeting opener, 20 helpful Stress Tacklers are presented to assist anyone in managing day-to-day stress. Informative and fun, Stress Tacklers is a great way to learn how to take control of the stress in the workplace.
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Length: 11:00 Minutes
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