Performance Review Series (Manager & Appraisee)

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Performance Review Series (Manager & Appraisee)

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Performance Review aims to change the way every person in your organization approaches appraisals. It encourages managers and appraisees to think about reviews in a new way, so they stop dreading them and start seeing them in a more positive light.

There are several aspects of the program that help achieve this:

1. The program is delivered in two parts – one for the manager (Every Manager's Nightmare) and one for the appraisee (Every Appraisee's Dream) – to demonstrate the importance both parties play in the process.

2. The basics are reinforced using the highly effective ‘wrong way, right way’ approach. Memorable characters are used to communicate different types of behavior and review techniques that help all parties get the most from reviews.
Produced by Video Arts.
Length: 50:00 Minutes
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