More Than a Gut Feeling: Service & Hospitality Version

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More Than a Gut Feeling: Service & Hospitality Version

  • DVD
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With employee turnover rates as high as 60 percent in the service and hospitality industries, your organization may be losing thousands of dollars each year. Whether you work in a hotel, motel, casino, restaurant, food service or retail environment-- you need good, quality employees who are a perfect match for their jobs.
Show your interviewers how to hire the best candidates for your organization every single time by implementing behavioral-style interviewing, an approach developed by industrial psychologist Dr. Paul C. Green. This highly-acclaimed interviewing system has helped thousands of interviewers guide the job applicant in sharing their past experiences. This system is based on the premise that an applicant’s past behavior is the best indicator of future performance.

Closed Captioned.

Length: 25:00 Minutes
Key points

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  • How to plan the interview
  • How to establish rapport with the applicant
  • How to obtain examples of past behavior to accurately predict future performance
  • How to use silence as an effective interviewing tool
  • How to obtain specific examples and seek "contrary evidence"
  • How to objectively evaluate an applicant's skills
  • How to hire the right candidate for the job
Package Includes

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DVD, Leader's Guide. (DVD version includes: English, Spanish and Portuguese). The Leader's Guide is in English.