Beyond Words: Hiring & Interviewing

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Beyond Words: Hiring & Interviewing

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A hiring and interviewing training video featuring leading body language expert Jan Hargrave.
This is part one of the Beyond Words Hiring and Interviewing Series You'll learn basic nonverbal communication skills as they relate to hiring and interviewing prospective employees.

Applicants can give "academy-award-winning" answers to the top interview questions, but their body language may convey something completely different.  Learn the nonverbal gestures that can help every hiring manager make a more informed hiring decision.

This video teaches the interviewer to look beyond the applicant's answers; to consider the body language of each applicant.  It also includes the nonverbal gestures that may indicate level of sincerity, doubt, attitude, and more.

As mentioned, this is part one of the Beyond Words Hiring and Interviewing Series.  Each of the three episodes within the series increases in complexity, explaining how to not only read individual non-verbal queues, but also to string these individual queues together like words in a sentence to reveal even deeper subconscious messages.

Hargrave, considered the leading expert on body language, is a college professor, has written 4 books, and has provided body language consulting for many high profile court cases including the Scott Peterson case.

The greatest aspect of these videos is their positive slant. Hargrave isn't focused on showing people how to catch employees and interviewees in deception, but how to create a positive environment and find the most positive employees.
Buy 1 Get 1 Free!  Also included is a free 29 Minute Live-Seminar on DVD, a Discussion Guide, and a Body Language Quiz featuring body language expert Jan Hargrave.
Length: 12:00 Minutes
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Copy of Beyond Words: How-To Version of Hiring & Interviewing DVD and a Discussion Guide. Also included is a 29 Minute Live-Seminar on DVD featuring body language expert Jan Hargrave.

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