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Insights and Strategies Series (Set of 61 Videos)

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Insights and Strategies Series (Set of 61 Videos)

Price: $4,697.00


Experts and business leaders who have learned powerful lessons share their experiences and their strategies to achieve best practice.

This set of 61 closed-captioned videos (ranging in length from 7-19 minutes each) contains:

Business Success & Profit (8 practical videos filled with useful tips for business growth improving ROI) - 103 Minutes

  1. 7 Levers to Success
  2. Increasing Website Traffic
  3. Entrepreneur Skills
  4. Taking Ideas into Business Reality
  5. Improving Profitability in Tough Times
  6. Growing a Franchise
  7. Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments
  8. The Value of Employee Ownership

Crisis Management Mastery (5 powerful videos for any business developing their crisis managment strategy) - 74 Minutes

  1. Crisis Management Strategy Planning
  2. Managing Crises and Brand Damage
  3. The Power of Checklists in Crisis Management
  4. Running an Effective Crisis Simulation
  5. Achieving Best Practice in Crisis Management

Career Success Strategy (3 excellent videos with practical advice and strategies to help anyone wanting to boost their career and improve their chances of success) - 42 Minutes

  1. 4 ways to Enhance Your Career
  2. Creating a Powerful Resume
  3. Career Resilience

Personal Presentation Strategy (4 helpful videos to encourage people to consider new ways to develop their presentation style, increase confidence and achieve sucess) - 45 Mnutes

  1. Building Your Personal Brand
  2. Elevator Pitch
  3. A Positive Approach to Speaking
  4. An Efficient Approach to Online Dating

Powerful Leaders & Positive Culture (8 insightful videos to inspire leaders to achieve best practice with their people) - 101 Minutes

  1. 4 Ways to Boost Your Leadership Skills
  2. Planning and Scheduling for Results
  3. Rock Star Leadership
  4. A Formula for Team Success
  5. You Manage the Culture
  6. Culture and Oneness
  7. Working with the Board
  8. Inspiring Social Change

HR Strategy & Management (8 pragmatic videos providing HR practitioners with useful advice and practical strategies) - 107 Minutes

  1. HR Strategy and Management
  2. HR Dashboard of Metrics and Analytics
  3. Managing Recruitment Effectively
  4. Implementing Successful Training
  5. Reward and Renumeration
  6. Performance Appraisals
  7. Confidentiality Obligations by HR
  8. The Induction Promise

Marketing, Brand & Reputation (6 inspiring videos with up-to-date strategic advice on brand, reputation and marketing) - 79 Minutes

  1. Brand Marketing
  2. Creating Your Brand Proposition
  3. Building Brand and Reputation
  4. Stakeholder Reputation Research
  5. The Value of Podcasts
  6. Managing Bad Press

Recruiting & Developing High Acheivers (3 pragmatic vieos HR practitioners with useful advice and practical strategies) - 44 Minutes

  1. Recruiting High Achievers
  2. Setting Goals to Stretch and Grow
  3. Career Management and Talent Review

Managing People Problems (8 constructive videos to help leaders and HR staff tackle the tough people issues) - 90 Minutes

  1. The Problem of Nightmare Staff
  2. Gender Inequality
  3. Bullying Even at the Top
  4. Managing Disruptive Conduct
  5. Managing Grievances
  6. Skills for Managing Redundancy/Layoffs
  7. Laying Off and Redeploying People
  8. Unfair Dismissal

Influencing Sales Skills (4 informative videos with useful strategies for people who serve, sell, lobby or influence) - 53 Minutes

  1. Can I Help You?
  2. Developing Sales Capabilities
  3. Lobbying and Influence
  4. Skills for Lobbying Government

Legal Issues at Work (4 speciaiized videos providing useful guidelines for every organization with legal concerns) - 55 Minutes

  1. Take Care Giving Expert Advice
  2. Seeking Legal Advice
  3. Understanding Intellectual Property
  4. Copyright Warning

Purchase the entire 61-video set for $4697 or purchase individual videos on DVD for $187 each.  Streaming options available. Please call 877-288-6657 for pricing.

Length: 793:00 Minutes
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DVD or Streaming options available. Please call 877-288-6657 for pricing.