Would I Follow Me?

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Would I Follow Me?

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If you could be on the receiving end of your own leadership style, how do you think you'd answer this question: Would I follow me? Most people in leadership positions are unaware of how the people they lead really see them. But how a leader is perceived is crucial to the productivity of any group.

The video, Would I Follow Me?, demonstrates one leader's behavior and the results in two different situations: first as a newly-appointed leader, and then five years later after he has learned a few lessons about leadership. Viewers will learn effective leadership behaviors and appreciate the impact those behaviors have on the success of their work group.
Length: 18:00 Minutes
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  • Viewers will learn how a leader's behavior influences the success of a work group
  • Demonstrates effective leadership practices such as not dictating but facilitating, be honest and ethical, let people do their jobs, focus on the positive, use mistakes as opportunities and to be inclusive
  • Ideal for new and experienced leaders at all organizational levels
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DVD and 28-page Leader's Guide with Reproducible Worksheets

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Spanish. Streaming.

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Would I Follow Me (Spanish DVD)

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