Motivation. Dream It. Walk It. Believe It.

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Motivation. Dream It. Walk It. Believe It.

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Create a workforce of self-motivated superstars! Employees will discover what really motivates them and use that knowledge to set individual goals. They’ll learn to develop and execute a plan and explore why faith in themselves is important to reaching their goals. Universal principles, interviews with real people and hands-on activities make this program perfect for any goal-setting training initiative.


People often look at self-motivated individuals and wonder how they do it? What is it about these people that make them so passionate about what they do? What secrets do these individuals hold that others do not? Where does their internal fire come from? This dynamic program illustrates the three principles of: Dream It, Walk It and Believe It.


Your employees will learn practical skills to help them achieve their goals at work and at home, will be encouraged to choose to take on more responsibility and bring positive energy and a positive outlook to the work they do. Motivation: Dream it. Walk it. Believe it.
will build your employees into self-motivated superstars!


After completing the Workshop, participants will understand:

  • How to find out what you want and why. (Dream It.) 
  • How to make a plan and execute it. (Walk It.) 
  • The role faith in yourself plays in accomplishing your goals. (Believe it.) 


Great for sessions on: 

  • Goal Setting 
  • Self Motivation 
  • Personal Fulfillment 
  • Orientation 
  • Sales Training
  • Performance Appraisals 
Length: 19:00 Minutes
Package Includes

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DVD Program and Print Materials