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Sexual Harassment, California Edition -- The TAKEAWAY for Managers™

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Sexual Harassment, California Edition -- The TAKEAWAY for Managers™

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Sexual Harassment, California Edition — the "TAKEAWAY" for Managers™ which includes California legislation AB 1825 and AB 2053 training requirements for California managers and supervisors is a conversational, easy-to-use program for managers that defines sexual harassment according to the law and explains why it’s important to take a proactive approach to this serious problem. This concise program is both comprehensive and simple to understand, with short vignettes that illustrate and dramatize the material presented.

This 13 minute program focuses on four key learning points and their “takeaways,” or sentence-long summations, to help managers prevent, identify, document, and stop sexual harassment in the workplace. The program explains the difference between quid pro quo and hostile work environment harassment, and the importance of good documentation to protect organizations and managers from legal liability.

Also available: Sexual Harassment -- the TAKEAWAY for Managers™


Length: 13:00 Minutes
Key points

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The Legal Definition of Sexual Harassment
A Proactive Response
The Importance of Documentation
The Fear of Retaliation

Package Includes

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DVD, Streaming or eLearning, Leader's Guide, reproducible Participant Materials & PowerPoint Presentation.
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