You've Got Customers

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You've Got Customers

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In spite of all the attention given to customer service, it seems to be getting worse. What's the problem? There has been an over-emphasis on the superficial –the greeter at the door, the forced smile, and the gratuitous "have a nice day." Certainly, a pleasant manner is important, but all too often meaningful service is lost while superficial friendliness masks the problem.

Delivering exceptional customer service requires action—meeting customer needs, knowing your product or service, following through and solving problems.

You've Got Customers! follows the trials of a young customer service provider in his first job. There he receives an education from a most unlikely team of teachers—a bowling team. From them, he learns six key customer service techniques which could be used in any business, anywhere. By the end of this engaging story, viewers will understand that... "Good service isn't about flowery words and pleasant smiles. It's about actions! 

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Length: 20:00 Minutes
Key points

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  • Be honest - customers just want to hear the truth
  • Listen before you sell - find out what customers want first.
  • Follow through on customer requests - double check and deliver only what customers ask for.
  • Take initiative to solve problems - offer solutions, not excuses.
  • Know your product - if you don't know something, find out.
  • Take advantage of sales opportunities - both you and your customer will benefit.
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DVD, Comprehensive 28 page leader's guide with reproducible participant worksheets