Complaints: Five Tactics for Handling Complaints

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Complaints: Five Tactics for Handling Complaints

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Enable customer service staff to deal with and manage customer complaints effectively.

Very few organizations get everything right on every occasion.  When things go wrong, sometimes it's no one's fault.   Accidents do happen and they occur without warning.  However the problem is that customers, the most important people to any organization, can be affected adversely.
It has been estimated that every dissatisfied customer shares their bad experience with another seven people.  Knowing how to handle a customer complaint is a key skill for all customer-facing staff.
Whether dealing with a complaint concerning the quality of service or a product, a well-handled complaint can often achieve a great deal for your business.
Learners will be able to:
  • Identify areas where their complaint-handling skills need to improve
  • Specify those actions and features which lead to successful complaint handling
  • Recognize the importance of professionally handled complaints
  • Describe the five key tactics to use when handling complaints
  • Devise an Action Plan to develop complaint-handling skills
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Length: 25:00 Minutes
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