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Customer Service Training

Take your customer service skills training to new heights with these informative and entertaining customer service videos from Trainer’s Toolchest. Wow your customers with exceptional service face-to-face and over the phone, increase customer loyalty, handle difficult customers, improve internal customer service and communication among work teams to improve productivity and  build employee morale  -- all while improving your organization’s bottom line.
We offer hundreds of videos, DVDs, and online training to meet your organization's delivery methods for employee and management training.  Suitable for all workplace settings – office, industrial, retail, hospitality, telephone call centers, government, healthcare, education and more.
In the top-selling So Help Me Series, show your supervisors how they affect customer service and your employees what customers value most.
Demanding Customers, with John Cleese, is an entertaining video that demonstrates techniques for satisfying customers who are demanding.  The simple but effective lessons are highly memorable and easy to adopt.
Start seeing dramatic customer service skills improvement today -- from basic customer service skills, telephone skills, internal customer service, to customer recovery where you will learn how to turn frustrations and complaints into understanding and solutions.