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A Tale of O: On Being Different

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A Tale of O: On Being Different

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A Tale of "O" video explores the consequences of being different. It focuses on a group of people in which some are "the many", who are referred to as the X's, and some are ”the few,” the O's. Look at the factors that create O’s and X’s in groups and the impact. The animated A Tale of "O" video clarifies and explores the personal and societal dynamics of being different.
Written and is narrated by Dr. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, professor, Harvard Business School, with Dr. Barry A. Stein. A Trainer's Toolchest release.
Closed Captioning not available at this time. A Tale of O transcript available upon request.
Streaming available. Call for pricing.
Length: 27:00 Minutes
Key points

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  • Recognize special kinds of tensions and problems O's can face in a society of X's.
  • Be aware that O's are not alone and that these feelings and reactions are felt by other O's as well.
  • Learn how X's and O's can work toward being more comfortable with each other.
  • A springboard for discussion about the effect of "being different".
  • To provide an opportunity for participants to see and experience their commonality.
  • To assist participants in generating concrete action alternatives to solve the problems of being an "O".
  • To allow participants to swap strategies for effective functioning within the organization.
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DVD contains both the 18-minute A Tale of O training video and the 27-minute A Tale of O original version, 174-page Instructor'sand User's Guide with reproducible Handouts. (e-Guide is included on the DVD). Streaming also available -- please call 877-288-6657 for pricing.

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