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Federal Wage and Hour Laws: What You Need to Know

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Federal Wage and Hour Laws: What You Need to Know

  • DVD
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Wage & Hour law is complicated. Most supervisors know some of what they need to know, but few really know as much as they should. This program will make your supervisors better, more legally-compliant managers.

This program is packed with information, so we’ve broken the content into 10 modules: 

  1. Exempt vs. Non-Exempt
  2. Overtime 
  3. Employee vs Independent Contractor
  4. Comp Time 
  5. Vacation Pay and Sick Pay 
  6. Hours Worked
  7. Meal and Rest Breaks
  8. Employee vs Agency Worker
  9. Travel Pay
  10. Timekeeping & Recordkeeping

That’s a lot of content, but with this modular format, learners can view just the sections that apply to their responsibilities. Be forewarned: this course is the real deal; the sections are concise and require consideration, as learners review the examples shared, and think about how different aspects of wage & hour law apply to their situations.

Length: 32:00
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Delivery Formats: DVD, Online, SCORM 1.2 Course for your LMS